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Antique Buttons

This is sort of a small side business, we dabble in antique buttons. I realize this is our wholesale jewelry supply site and maybe you are just a button collector. The web site requires a minimum $100 order to let you checkout. If you just want buttons, I am not going to hold you to the $100 requirement. Your going to have to let me know though so I can process it for you or remove that stipulation.  We have bought and sold antique buttons over the years and still dabble in them from time to time. We are not collectors or real experts on them. I have acquired some broad knowledge of buttons just by buying and selling them over the years. Unlike many button sites I do not have the time to describe all things in detail. I am generally going to just put them up in random lots and try to take a decent photo.  Many of these are from the golden button era of the late 1800's. Typically you might expect to find picture buttons, Victorian buttons, Black glass buttons some modern ones, goofies, enamel buttons, wood, celluloid, mother-of- pearl, colored glass.

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