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 Vintage Glass Paperweight Chinese Red Poinsettia copy of Sandwich Glass

Vintage Glass Paperweight Chinese Red Poinsettia copy of Sandwich Glass

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I have a number of these I have collected over the years. The story I have read is that they were produced by the Chinese starting around 1930 as a copy of a very fancy Red Poinsettia paperweight done by sandwich glass in the 1800's. So it is sort of a rip off of that one. In no way are they the same paperweight but as I have said in other listings, the Chinese have produced enough paperweights for long enough to be worthy of collecting them as one of your sub-categories. Also once you see them you will always know what they are. Plus they don't cost thousands of dollars. Size on this is 2 inches wide and 1.3 inches high. Not signed. Condition I rate as good, There are a couple little marks on it and I notice a little dimple on the edge. It is smooth. I am thinking it was probably made that way. No cracks or chips of any kind.

I have been collecting Art Glass for about 20 years. I used to live next to a large flea market and a couple big antique malls. So I would pick things up whenever I saw something that fit the collection or I thought was a good deal. I sold about 50 paperweights last summer and I am getting pushed to sell the rest as I am relocating.  Please check out my ebay store as I will be putting things up all summer. Thanks

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