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40x30mm Custom Resin Cameo
40x30mm Custom Resin Cameo

40x30mm Custom Resin Cameo

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       We have done a lot of custom cameos over the years. We still offer the service but it is not for the faint of heart or the person on a specific deadline. It is also not for the truly hypercritical. If you think you want these for your wedding? Forget it we will not do it. That said we have done a lot of cameos for various businesses and organizations. We have done one for the Girl Scouts, for a well known clothing line, a lot of jewelry designers, a company that makes needle minders, a zoo, a museum, various clubs organizations and places selling souvenirs of some sort. 
     The price shown of $840 is for 600pcs.  If your looking for a smaller quantity, we don't do that. 600pcs is your minimum order.  The pricing is actually two components. There is a $300 charge to develop the cameo. This covers the cost to have an artist render a model in wax from drawings you submit. It also covers the cost to make a mold from the wax model.  In addition it covers the cost of all the time and possible reworks and possible samples...etc. $300 may sound steep, but believe me it is not. The second part of the total is $540 which is for 600pcs of the 40x30mm cameo. In other words the cameos themselves are priced at .90 each. 
       The physical mold is not your property. The design might be, but the mold remains at the factory.  If you need to reorder you must order a minimum 300pcs but there is no charge other then the .90 each for any future purchase. We do reserve the right to increase prices as is warranted if our costs go up.  In terms of protecting your design, that is not something we can do. I can tell you that we will promise to only produce your cameo for you, but protecting copyrights or trademarks from others poaching or copying your work is not our job. I also do not recognize protecting things that are in the public domain or so common as to not be credibly something unique. A generic cat, elephant, flower, word, the empire state building, a cross, the statue of liberty, etc.   We have done some trademarked things like sports logos and Disney items, we have done cameos with the marine logo on them, anything like that you must have a "right to sell" contract or you will probably be sued for infringing on a real trademark.
       In terms of how long this process takes from the time you place an order till you get the product- I believe once we did it in 8 weeks and that was a miracle. There is always problems and delays. Count on it. There is apt to be questions from the art department or they are simply to busy to get to it for 2 months, they may reject your drawing for one reason or another, you may reject what they create, we may have trouble with the mold or the factory is on vacation or to busy to produce the cameo for a month. It can be a long process I have seen it take 6 months depending on the complexity, the amount of designs required and such.
      Other issues to note. Color - we only do 2 color cameos, so you can do a background color, and a single color of the subject.  There is a 300pcs minimum color run. For example you ordered 600pcs, you could order  300pcs in blue/white  and 300pcs in black/ivory. In terms of the actual color, you can specify what you want, we will do our best to match a sample. We do not however guarantee it will be an exact match. Colors are mixed by eye, like you did as a little kid in grade school. You want green we have to pour in yellow and blue till it eyeballs as close. The plastic resin is also not something that remains color stable as it cures so it is a bit hit and miss, colors are rarely perfect sometimes somewhat far off the mark to be honest. Please do not expect some very specific exacting shade that will lead to disappointment. Black and Ivory is always a good choice and in our experience consistently out sells all other colors, but it is your call.
      Payment- I expect the development costs $300 to be paid up front when you place the order. The balance of $540 you can pay when I ship your product. If you decide after all that you don't want the product, for whatever reason, and you are not going to pay the $540 once the cameo has been made. We reserve the right to sell that product to recover our cost regardless if it is your design.
      Lastly a general explanation of expected process.....You submit a drawing. This is going to be reviewed by us and then by the art people. The point is to insure we believe it can be rendered into a cameo successfully.  I have had clients submit crazy things that simply we can not do. If I don't think it will work or the artists says he can't do it, I'll tell you. If approved we will have the model made, this will be photographed when done and submitted to you for approval. If you don't like it we will try to rework it. Reworks take a lot of time as a general rule. We will then resubmit to you for approval. This process has sometimes never been resolved and we will only try to rework things so many times. If we can not meet your approval and your request are reasonable.  I will refund your $300.  Once you have approved the model the mold will be made and we will have the cameo made. We will do a 1st piece and this we will photograph for you and again ask for approval to continue. If approved your cameos are usually delivered in about 4 weeks. You will be invoiced the day I am ready to ship to you. You will have to pay shipping. 600pcs is probably about $15 in USA.
     We can also do other sizes beside 40x30mm. This is simply the most common size. Smaller sizes require more simplified design and will actually not cost much less. The design cost will be the same, the product cost does decrease somewhat as we go down to smaller sizes.
     The photos are of some of the cameos we have done for others. Hopefully it gives you a sense of our abilities. If you have further questions please e-mail us [email protected]


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