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40x30mm Matched Pair African American Black White Resin Cameo Afro Ethnic S2064

40x30mm Matched Pair African American Black White Resin Cameo Afro Ethnic S2064

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This is a 40x30mm resin cameo. They are sold as opposing pairs. Use to make African American cameo jewelry or Afro ethnic jewelry. Great focal point for strong black woman cameo earrings, pins, necklaces, magnets or needleminders.

  Black women ethnic ladies seem to be very difficult to find as subjects on cameos. At the request of some of our customers, we have created our own custom cameo of an African American woman.  "All rights reserved" . We are getting a lot of people asking about this item who are not jewelers or crafters. For those arriving to this page without being in the jewelry business let me just take a moment to explain what we sell....This is an unset cameo. Generally these are used in making jewelry, they can also be used as simple embellishments for things like wedding invitations, jewelry boxes, key chains, glued on to a purse flap or in scrap booking etc..... For jewelry items this can be easily glued into a setting. You can make a pendant or a pin depending on the type of setting you choose. We offer quite a few settings here on the web site. It is important that you pay close attention to the size of the cameo. This is a 40x30mm cameo and it will fit in a 40x30mm setting. We also offer this same design on a smaller 25x18mm size and as matched pairs in an even smaller 18x13mm size. Please make sure you are ordering the size you want and choosing the correct size setting to go with it

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