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Mixed Cameo Bulk Lot 1/4 LB Seconds Destash Lot Loose Cabochons 690q
690q Cameo (SECONDS) 1/4 LB

Mixed Cameo Bulk Lot 1/4 LB Seconds Destash Lot Loose Cabochons 690q

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Cabochon cameo lot 1/4lb (aprox 40) kawaii destash decoden use to make diy needle minders or buttons. These are loose cabcochon jewelry findings most  are 40x30mm in size.

Description: Occasionally we have some of these lots available. What we have here is the contents of our reject cameo barrel. The items that get thrown in the barrel are anything that qualifies as a second. This would be , mal-formed items, items with a spot on them, or a chip etc. This particular barrel has a lot of good items too. I would actually venture a guess that the good ones out number any bad. Lots of samples from suppliers, returns, discontinued items and pieces that simply fell to the floor. I am not recommending you buy this mix to resell. It is useful for playing around with, making school projects with kids, collage work or perhaps making things for yourself if you are creative. We do not accept returns on this. Please don’t order 10lbs of it if you have never seen what it is. I am sure it is a good deal for someone but not others. You are not going to get what is shown. I just weighted out a random scoop. This is a good representative of the types of things you'll get. GRAB BAG. Typical of a 1/4 LB lot.

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