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SOLD - - Early Chinese Art Glass Paperweight Faceted Fish Tank Aquarium G1107

SOLD - - Early Chinese Art Glass Paperweight Faceted Fish Tank Aquarium G1107

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A small paperweight 1.4  inches tall and 2.3 inches wide.  If your interested in this you probably already know what it is. From china 1920's - 1930's time frame. Now the story goes these were meant to be put in aquariums. I am not sure how that got started. I used to be into tropical fish and I can assure you that in the 1920's there were probably not millions of people involved in the hobby. I do question this thinking, but that is neither here nor there. These are quite collectible today. Enough around so you can find them, not enough to make it easy.  I think I have 4-5 in 20 years of looking. This one has three birds on a branch. Condition is really quite good for its age. I see one small nick on the edge of one of the facets, this is on the underside. Some very light scratches on top. We are getting to the point where this is almost 100years old. Trust me it is good condition for that, not mistreated,  Nice addition if your into collecting these.

I have been collecting Art Glass for about 20 years. I used to live next to a large flea market and a couple big antique malls. So I would pick things up whenever I saw something that fit the collection or I thought was a good deal. I sold about 50 paperweights last summer and I am getting pushed to sell the rest as I am relocating.  Please check out my ebay store as I will be putting things up all summer. Thanks

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