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SOLD - - Vintage Art Glass Bullicante Controlled Bubble Mid-Century Murano Table Lighter

SOLD - - Vintage Art Glass Bullicante Controlled Bubble Mid-Century Murano Table Lighter

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Murano Bullicante Controlled Bubble art glass table lighter. The metal lighter part does not appear to ever have been used. It is all there but does not spark.  I collect glass so never fooled with it. Size is 4 inches high, about 3 inches across.  Coloring on this is amber. Condition on the glass is really excellent. No chips dings or cracks.

The bullicante technique became famous during the 1930’s thanks to Archimede Seguso. Parting from his famous sommerso technique, Seguso took it to another level by taking advantage of the thickness of the glass. By using a more viscous composition, he found a way to leave small incisions unaltered and empty, in spite of covering them with another layer of glass. And while working on other light artworks like lamps, he figured the spiky tool he used on those lamps could also be helpful for the creation of dents. Seguso therefore figured out it was the size and shape of the metallic spikes that determined the position and depth of the pattern impressed on glass. He started experimenting with up to six layers of glass, trapping “bollicine” (bubbles) of air inside every layer. These bubbles reminded him of the bubbles in boiling water, thus calling this technique “bullicante” which literally means “boiling”. After mastering the technique, he went as far as decorating the inside layers with gold leaf and other colors, making each piece even more valuable and unique.

I do have a lot of Murano lighters I have collected over the years I will be selling this summer. .......I have been collecting Art Glass for about 20 years. I used to live next to a large flea market and a couple big antique malls. So I would pick things up whenever I saw something that fit the collection or I thought was a good deal. I sold about 50 paperweights last summer and I am getting pushed to sell the rest as I am relocating.  Please check out my ebay store as I will be putting things up all summer. Thanks

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