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SOLD     Hoya Japanese Cut Glass Etched Snowflake Crystal Paperweight

SOLD Hoya Japanese Cut Glass Etched Snowflake Crystal Paperweight

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SOLD    Size 2.9 inches in diameter. Height 15 inches.  This is an unusual piece. I have not been able to find one quite like it. The actual glass part was made by Hoya in Japan they are now a huge optical glass company. They were formed  in the 1940's and in the early days made crystal products. Glassware, gifts. how long that went on or whether they still do it I do not know. The other unknown is whether this piece was sold etched with the snowflake or it may have been sold wholesale as blanks and then someone etched them or monogrammed them individually. This piece has a snowflake on the top. It is finely done. Certainly by hand. The artist, craftsman has signed the piece on the edge. It is not readable to me. Anyway, it is in good shape. There is a scratch on the bottom where it sits as expected.  There is a tiny pin prick right next to the signature. You can see it in the photo, Very minor no one will notice. Hard to photograph clear glass. This appears to be a quality piece. Make a nice gift if your not a collector.

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