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SOLD     Vintage Glass Paperweight Hand Blown Milleville or Czech Studio

SOLD Vintage Glass Paperweight Hand Blown Milleville or Czech Studio

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SOLD    The maker of this paperweight is unknown. There is no signature on it.  I have been collecting paperweights for a lot of years and I know somethings about them but not everything.  I know enough about this paperweight to say it is not new. What the actual age is I do not know. I am going to guess maybe from the 1950's.  I got it in the 1990's. It is an ice pick flower with some controlled bubbles on the tip. Originally I though this was may have been made in Milleville NJ an American paperweight.  I have come to think maybe it is actually Bohemian Czech. I say that because the colors seem like they may lend themselves to that group, also it has a very highly polished pontil, a lot of the American weights seem roughly finished if at all.  Condition I put very very good. It has just a couple of tiny marks on it when examined very closely. Not a detraction or something someone casually is going to notice. This also has a chip on the base at the edge where the flat part is. You can't actually see that if it is sitting on a table. You have to pick it up and turn over to see. Never noticed it was there till I did my final inspection.  I hold these up to a bright light and scrutinize them. It is almost impossible to find a paperweight that may be 60 years old an be completely flawless but this one comes close. This is a nice vintage paperweight.

I have been collecting Art Glass for about 20 years. I used to live next to a large flea market and a couple big antique malls. So I would pick things up whenever I saw something that fit the collection or I thought was a good deal. I sold about 50 paperweights last summer and I am getting pushed to sell the rest as I am relocating.  Please check out my ebay store as I will be putting things up all summer. Thanks

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