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SOLD -  Vintage Murano commemorative plaque pinchbeck Paperweight Art Glass

SOLD - Vintage Murano commemorative plaque pinchbeck Paperweight Art Glass

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Not the usual paperweight you see from Murano but that is where these came from. The labels are missing but you can see where they were and I have seen similar paperweights with the labels on to know this is made in Italy. It is obviously a commemorative piece. They did ones for the moon landing and they did signs of the zodiac. My guess is this might have been for the bicentennial or something along that line. I would say from the 70's.  It is in the style of a Pinchbeck . A brass backing where the design is formed and then it is covered in something that looks like gold. In this case probably gold leaf. Size is 3.5 inches across. About 1 inch thick. I notice there is a small bubble in the center of the glass. No apparent dings or scratches. Condition is excellent

I have been collecting Art Glass for about 20 years. I used to live next to a large flea market and a couple big antique malls. So I would pick things up whenever I saw something that fit the collection or I thought was a good deal. I sold about 50 paperweights last summer and I am getting pushed to sell the rest as I am relocating. Please check out my ebay store as I will be putting things up all summer. Thanks

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