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Vintage Style Antique Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet 637x

Vintage Style Antique Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet 637x

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Part Number:S1558
This is a brass bracelet with an antique silver plate finish. This bracelet is adjustable by just bending it to the correct wrist size. Nice enough to simply be sold as a finished piece, we see other possibilities for it. Personally I think this bracelet is going to open up a world of possibilities for our customers. It can be used as a nice base in which to mount anything, whether that is your own art work, collage, antique buttons, cabochons,cameos, etc.. Although you can add a setting to mount things on you are not hindered by that. Think about mounting those odd size cameos or cabochons where settings are not available. maybe put some rhinestone chain wrapped around the edge to make the item look set. There are a lot of possibilities here and I think this will help people out who do not always want to work with bracelets that have a specific setting size.

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