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Minimum Order Requirements

    In order to purchase off this web site your order total must exceed $100.  If your looking to place a small order please visit our sister web site where you can order the same products with no restrictions.

 Why does this web site require a minimum order?

     We are changing our wholesale discount policy to better suit our customers.  With the advent of the internet, times have changed. Today we are more likely to sell to a person that does not need 1000pcs of a single part. Our customers are often hobbyists, small business people or someone just making gifts for a special occasion. What customers want is variety, at the best price. This is what we are striving to do. In return for doing that we have to ask that an order be substantial enough, dollar wise, to pay for all the time it takes to pick and put together orders that could potentially have over 100 items on it. We hope you understand the requirement.

      Please remember you can always use for any size order no matter how small. 

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